My Holy Grail Products For Newborns

Now that Leo is nearing his exit out of the newborn stage (cue all the tears) – we’ve had plenty of time to determine what products have been absolute life-savers for easing our transition into new parenthood. Check out my reviews below – and, likewise, stay tuned for a later post on the baby products that were duds.

Baby K’Tan Baby Carrier (Original), Amazon, $49.95

I am a huge advocate for babywearing! In my previous post, I mentioned how babywearing has become my saving grace for getting things done around the house when I need both arms and Leo needs to be held. This carrier is so simple to use in comparison to a wrap or a sling. There are several different positions (with easy YouTube tutorials) to place your baby in the carrier according to his/her age. I love that I can also bottle-feed (or, you can nurse) right in the carrier without having to take Leo out.

HALO SleepSack Swaddle, Target, $21.99SwaddleMe

Some newborns love to be swaddled as it provides the comfort and security in the outside world that they are used to from being in the womb. In our case, swaddling is a must for Leo to get adequate sleep and lessen his night-wakings. For those mamas (like myself) who haven’t yet perfected the swaddling technique with a regular swaddle blanket, this sleepsack is a great go-to! Simply place your baby into the blanket, zip it up, and use the velcro to keep his/her arms inside – or, outside! Remember: back sleeping is best to prevent SIDS and you will need to transition out of the swaddle when your baby starts to roll over onto his/her tummy.

Dohm Elite White Noise Machine, Buy Buy Baby, $49.99WhiteNoise

There are so many different white noise machines on the market. We tried one that mimics sounds from the womb or the outdoors and included soft lullabies – but, this one takes the cake! This machine has a constant “shush” sound that can be adjusted to be as loud or as soft as you’d like. It comes in handy during Leo’s daytime naps to block out all of the household noise and nighttime sleep for my husband and I. In addition, its design makes for a classy look on your nightstand.

Silicone Manual Breast Pump/Milk Collector, Amazon, $12.99BreastPump

If there is a #1 product that I would have to recommend for a new mom – it is this little gadget here! When I was breastfeeding, I would nurse Leo on one breast and use this silicone pump to collect the let-down of milk on the other breast. Without this, the milk would have leaked into a breast pad and gone to waste. The pump works by using suction to pull and collect your let-down allowing you to be hands-free. Additionally, if you are away from your baby and unable to express your milk by nursing or pumping – this pump will allow you to gain relief from engorgement on-the-go.

Dr. Brown’s Formula Mixing Pitcher, Target, $10.99FormulaPitcherIf you are formula-feeding, this item is a staple for satisfactory formula preparation. On some days, I will make a 32 oz. pitcher of formula to place in the fridge for warming later in individual bottles. Scoop the corresponding amount of formula with the maximum quantity your baby will consume in one day, add water, and use the pitcher’s pump to properly mix the formula. This prevents lumps from clogging your bottles or air bubbles from causing excess gas. It’s so much easier to pour and warm a bottle based on how much you think your baby will consume. It also helps to eliminate waste!

Boppy Pillow, Target, $29.99BoppyI love that this pillow has multiple uses based on Leo’s needs and age. I have used it for support during breastfeeding, tummy time, and daytime naps. Oh, and here’s an added benefit – you can purchase it with or without a washable slipcover for those spit-up or blow-out moments or re-use it with another cover for Baby #2!

NOTE: All photos are taken directly from the merchant’s website. Prices are subject to change.

6 thoughts on “My Holy Grail Products For Newborns

  1. Great list! I loved the swaddles too 🙂 I could never swaddle my son with regular receiving blankets; they always came undone after a while, but the swaddles were awesome. They really made him feel safe and cozy.


      1. Anytime! 😊 Yeah the swaddles I used didn’t allow baby to move his arms. I’ll keep that in mind for next time.


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