Best Apps For Pregnancy + Baby

Modern society provides the luxury of research and technology at our fingertips – something our parents and grandparents never had. Thus, parenting as a millennial affords us the opportunity to access a variety of helpful websites and mobile applications right on our smartphones or tablets.

Below are my favorite mobile apps to use as resources during my pregnancy and parenting journey.

The Bump, iOS/Android, Free


This app served as my #1 resource for information during my pregnancy. I loved that it provided weekly updates on Leo’s estimated size in the womb by comparing him to the size and weight of produce, which made my belly bump growth a lot more fun to visualize. I also enjoyed the weekly explanations on how Leo was developing inside and symptoms of what to expect as my pregnancy progressed. Oh, and when Leo was born, the app turned into a parenting guide that provides weekly updates on development and what to expect as Leo grows throughout the first year!

Baby Manager, iOS/Android, $4.49

For the first six weeks of Leo’s life, I made a strong effort to track his feedings, sleep durations, and wet/dirty diapers. (This was pivotal to establishing a foundation to creating a routine for him – post coming later.) This app is such a great tool for tracking all of the above! I love the app’s colorful interface, the timer it includes for feedings and naps, and the forum it has for asking questions or connecting with other moms. The price of the app is paid only to unlock the app’s full potential and allow you to track additional activities i.e. tummy time, medication dosage, baths, and daily walks.
The Wonder Weeks, iOS/Android, $1.99

All babies go through “wonder weeks” where they experience a leap in mental development at about the same stages. During the wonder weeks, babies tend to be a lot fussier than usual as they experience and complete a leap. This app allows me to track when Leo will experience a leap, prepare for the fussy days, and comfort or engage with him in different ways to help him to get through the leap a lot easier. It’s especially exciting to track once a leap is over and notice all of the new skills Leo is able to do – witnessing his growth before my eyes is incredible!
Winnie, iOS/Android, Free

I like to think of this app as: Facebook For Parents. With Winnie, you can set-up a profile for each of your children and use the app to find places nearby your current location with various parenting resources i.e. changing tables, parks or playgrounds, and where kids can eat free. I especially love that you can post questions about anything related to parenthood (even anonymously) and receive a response within minutes from another parent who may have experienced or is experiencing the same thing.

NOTE: Quoted prices are for Android devices and may differ from prices within the Apple App Store.

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