3-Minute Makeup: My Daily Routine As A Busy Mom

As a new mama, there’s no doubt that I’ve got my hands full. Nevertheless, I’ve mentioned here before that I make a daily intention to put on a bit of makeup before officially starting my day. Feeling like I am mildly put-together helps me to be more confident and look towards the day with positive energy.

I’m fairly simple when it comes to skincare and makeup. After giving birth to Leo, my skin experienced some changes and became a lot more sensitive than it used to be. I am extremely conscious of the products I use on a daily basis… and, once I find something that works – I stick with it.

Below are the products I use to complete my daily makeup routine in 3 minutes or less.

1. Eyebrows: I never learned how to fill-in my eyebrows – but, honestly, I don’t really feel the need to. I’ve always had thick brows with a bit of curl – so, to make them appear groomed when it’s been a while between waxes, I use this clear mascara as an eyebrow gel.

2. Concealer: A tired mama means tired eyes. To conceal those dark circles, I use this hidden gem in the color: Medium. I love that this concealer is smooth, easy to blend, and CHEAP! I usually just rub it in with my fingers in the areas where I want it.


3. “Setting” Powder: After applying my concealer, I don’t actually use a real setting powder. (In my experience, these just end up caked on my face.) Instead – I bounce a tiny bit of this face powder under my eyes, which gives me a natural-looking glow. I don’t use a fancy brush for application – just an inexpensive contour brush I purchased from Target’s holiday section last year. It’s durable enough to get the job done without leaving tiny brush hairs on my face.

4. Mascara: Any more than 1-2 coats of this find make my lashes clump – so, I put on just enough to make my eyes pop a bit. When it comes to mascara, it’s all about the wand for me.


5. Blush: I love a good rosy cheek – so, I use a bit of this blush to achieve just that. For application, I use a complexion brush from Sephora that I purchased years ago. (Don’t worry – it’s constantly cleaned.)


4. Lips: For lips, I am all about moisture. This little pocket friend is my go-to. (If I’m going out, I’ll use this underneath my favorite lip-liner from ColourPop.)

What essentials are part of your everyday makeup routine?

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