Money-Saving Tips For The Frugal Mama

Having a baby is expensive! If you’re like me, you are constantly searching for new and practical ways to save money while still maintaining a level of quality in the products you purchase for your children and family.

Continue reading for the ways I have learned to save money for our household.

  • Amazon Family – Subscribe & Save: Leo is exclusively formula-fed… and, one of the downsides to formula feeding is the monthly (sometimes, weekly) cost of formula. I found myself and our wallet always two-steps behind Leo’s appetite until I discovered the Amazon Family subscription program. Exclusively for Prime members, the Amazon Family program offers savings on all of your baby’s needs i.e. formula, diapers, wipes, etc. With a subscription, you will also never run empty – which means less last-minute trips to the store.
  • Honey Browser Plugin: If you buy anything online, you need to download Honey. This browser extension (used in Google Chrome) automatically searches for coupons and promotion codes on any product you buy online. Gone are the days of hunting for an online promotional code (that usually doesn’t work anyway) as Honey does all the searching for you. Additionally – if you’re just “window shopping” and not ready to make a purchase, you can add an item to your “Droplist” and Honey will watch the item for price drops over the course of 60 days.


  • Overnight Diapers: I unintentionally stumbled on this money-saving tip: using overnight diapers during the day. By design, overnight diapers are made to absorb more liquid to prevent leaking or waking during the night due to a “wet” diaper. Using overnight diapers during the day cuts down on daytime diaper changes – which, in turn, cuts down on money spent on diapers.
  • Free Samples & Coupons: When you’re pregnant, I swear your name automatically goes on a random “Pregnancy Mailing List” – because, companies everywhere (including your obstetrician’s office) send you free samples of diapers, wipes, and formula. I also strongly advise expecting mamas to seize the day when it comes to all the free stuff the hospital gives you during your labor & delivery stay. Essentially, you’re paying for that stuff anyway – so, why not?
  • Donations: One of the best things about having friends who are moms are the items they are willing to pass on to you if clothes no longer fit their child or products didn’t particularly work for their family. Not all things are meant to be secondhand – but, when it comes to clothing, swaddles, or play items – take advantage of any kind mama who offers to spread the love your way! Your budget will thank you in the long run.

Got any more tips to save some cash? Share with me!

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