Tell Me More: Q&A, January 2018

1. Do you use cloth diapers or disposable diapers? Why?

We use disposable diapers in our household. I understand that cloth diapers are typically used as a no-cost diaper option or out of consideration for the environment – but, we actually never even thought about using them. Diaper changes and laundry are both constant activities. (Although, one gets done more often than the other.) …and, no knock on the families that choose to use cloth diapers – but, disposable diapers are convenient. To add – if you saw the stuff that comes out of our son’s behind, you wouldn’t want to carry that around for re-washing later. (There’s been plenty of onesies I’ve had to sacrifice.)

2. Does parenthood affect your relationships with your single friends?

Absolutely! I am sure any mother can agree with me when I say that it’s just a lot harder to relate to or hang out with your friends that don’t have children. Your life gets a major shake-up once you become a parent and you don’t have nearly as much time (if any) to contact or spend with them like you used to. Aside from your schedule, your conversations also change. (Though, it’s refreshing to talk to someone about non-baby things every once in a while.) …but, inevitably, parenthood creates distance.

3. Are there things that have come naturally or easier to your husband that you have struggled with?

Actually, it seems like everything comes naturally to my husband. He is a fantastic father and bonded with Leo immediately from birth. He is certainly a lot more patient than I am and is the less anxious parent of us two. He handles diaper changes, feedings, and bedtime so easily and lovingly that it actually had me question my motherhood instincts at first. I tend to put more pressure on myself to “do what’s right” vs. let things flow – and, my husband is a boss at going-with-the-flow.

4. What (if any) were your struggles with foods or nutrients that you needed to eat for your baby while pregnant or breastfeeding?

I, honestly, didn’t struggle with diet while pregnant or breastfeeding. You can read my breastfeeding story here – but, my diet while pregnant didn’t really deviate from my pre-pregnancy diet. I generally do my best to eat as healthy as I can – give or take the occassional Dunkin Donuts – and, I religiously took my pre-natal vitamins. Most women do struggle with obtaining enough iron, however.

5. As you are adjusting to #MomLife, when would you and your husband want to have another baby?

Optimistically, my husband and I would like to have (3) children – and, I’d prefer them to be (at least) two years apart… if I can help it. (Sidenote: I hear having one in diapers and one potty-training is the ultimate struggle.) Considering that Leo is now 4-months old, you can figure out the rest.

Have a question about my life as a first-time mom or don’t see something on Life With Leo that you’d like to know more about? Send me a message!

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