Getting Closer To 30: Lessons I’ve Learned During Year 27

Today is my birthday. I turned 28… and, aside from picking up my free latte from Starbucks and getting a good workout in with my husband, all I want to do today is spend time with my little family. I spent the past week pondering over what I should do for my birthday. I figured I needed to redeem myself from last year. (Hint: I was 6 weeks pregnant with my first taste of morning sickness at Ted’s Montana Grill in the rain – because, I was determined to get some cedar-planked salmon on my birthday, dammit.)

The truth is – simplicity has won me over for the past few years. I don’t need to conjure up some elaborate plan with some elaborate outfit for some elaborate restaurant with people who likely only remembered my birthday from a memory on Time Hop. What really matters to me is spending quality time with myself and the people I love so much.

27 was a tough year for me, honestly. Aside from spending the majority of the year with a baby bump and back pain – I struggled with major friendship changes, family ups-and-downs, body image, and transitioning from a wife to a mother. The only thing that remained stable was my marriage and my job… but, throughout all of these challenging times, I learned quite a bit of simple lessons about life… and, myself.

  1. You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the orchard… and, there will still be someone who doesn’t like peaches.
  2. If distance and time don’t change a friendship, hold on to that person for dear life.
  3. Coffee tastes better when it is iced… on purpose.
  4. You’re a writer; you write everything down. Stop trying to download apps or put notes in your phone – you always go back to the pen and paper.
  5. Unless you’re getting a mani/pedi alone in a dark room with a reclining chair, a bath robe, and an eye mask – which I actually did right after I had Leo… thanks, hubby – getting your nails done is more of a chore than a treat.
  6. For God’s sake, stop using your credit card.
  7. Amazon Prime, Target, and Publix – end of story. You don’t really need to go anywhere else to buy anything.
  8. Some “old school” things will always be embraced – paper records, writing checks, and turning the pages on an actual book.
  9. There is no need to spend $25.00 on mascara when the $7.99 one gives you the same results.
  10. Binge-watching TV shows with your husband always wins over what ever other plans you thought you made.
  11. One glass of wine – that’s all you need.
  12. Invest in a good hat for the countless bad hair days in your present and future.
  13. Becoming a mother doesn’t define who you are; motherhood only brought out the features in you that you already had below the surface.
  14. Choosing to do go to an event out of obligation is doing a disservice to yourself and the person who invited you. If you don’t want to go, don’t.
  15. Nobody needs to know all of the moves you make for yourself or your family. Get shit done in silence – the shock factor from the other end is worth it.
  16. Less is more – less things, less friends, less money.
  17. Letting your gas tank go all the way down to E creates an unnecessary level of anxiety when you clearly have money in your pocket to fill it up.
  18. Pick your battles. Sometimes, being the last person to respond is worse than just saying nothing.
  19. Coconut oil is the only staple you need in your bathroom.
  20. Don’t worry about anything; pray about everything.
  21. Only keep the clothes that make you feel good… and, if that means you’re constantly wearing the same shirt or pants, so be it.

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