STTN: Our Healthy Sleep Habits + How We Blew Past The 4-Month Sleep Regression

My husband and I are no experts on baby sleep – but, I’d like to think we passed the 4-month sleep regression (if we even had one) with flying colors. Along with several other subjects, sleeping through the night is always a hot topic among parents… and, I’ve come to realize that it means different things to different people. However the cookie crumbles for your baby, we consider Leo to have slept through the night since he was roughly 3.5 months old.

Though we haven’t completed any sleep training for Leo, we have maintained certain habits to promote longer sleep at night. By doing so, he sleeps from 6:30 PM – 4:00 AM and 4:15 AM – 7:30 AM consistently – barring teething or illness, of course. Daytime naps are a bit more of a struggle – but, nevertheless, we do manage to get at least (1) 2-hour nap at some point.

Let me first pre-face this by suggesting one of my older posts to refer back to for how we managed to wean Leo from needing movement to fall asleep, which has been a huge game-changer. We are now able to put Leo down to bed wide awake to fall asleep on his own more often than not. (Again, naps are another story.)

There are two things that I’ve learned that prove to be true regarding Leo’s sleep:

  • If he wakes up crying shortly after he is put down for a nap, he is still tired and needs help getting back to sleep.
  • Don’t start a habit that you don’t want to keep in the long run. (In my case, bouncing on that damn yoga ball from the very beginning.)
  • Items He Needs For Sleep: swaddle, pacifier.

Our Sleep Habits

  • Start an early bedtime.

As I mentioned, Leo goes down for the night between 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM. For us, the positives of an early bedtime are that we have more time at night for ourselves or to spend with each other. The negatives (kind of – but, not really) is that one or both of us are usually at home for the night once he is asleep or if we are out-and-about and unable to put him to bed, his sleep schedule is a bit thrown off for a couple of days. (Again, not the end of the world in either case.)

  • Keep a short and consistent bedtime routine.

We don’t give Leo a bath every night – but, we do make sure to do the same things to prepare him for bed regardless of if we are at home or out visiting family. Our bedtime routine consists of a 10-15 minute bath or wipe bath, coconut oil, a fresh diaper + pajamas, a bottle, and put down for bed. We’ve found that Leo doesn’t necessarily fight sleep anymore at night since we started to do this from 2-months onward.

  • During night feedings, do not turn on any lights or interact.

Not to toot my own horn – but, I’m kind of a beast at navigating through the dark! Night feedings or wakings are “business only.” Since Leo sleeps with a pacifier – if it falls out during the night, we simply put it back in. If he rejects it more than 3 times in a row, we know that he’s hungry. We don’t turn on any lights or interact with him at this point. We feed him and put him back to sleep – still, without rocking or bouncing. We also use overnight diapers and only change them if he poops during the night, which has only happened once.

  • Invest in a great sound machine.

One of the best baby items I’ve purchased was our white noise machine. Originally bought for the purpose of helping my husband and I to sleep, the power of white noise to instantly calm a crying baby is incredible. I absolutely love ours, because the noise it emits is more relaxing than annoying – so, we all win. (Think smooth car ride vs. TV static.) You can view my review of it here.

Got any sleep regression survival tips? Share them with me!

5 thoughts on “STTN: Our Healthy Sleep Habits + How We Blew Past The 4-Month Sleep Regression

  1. The 4 month regression wasn’t too bad with both of my kids. It was the 8-9 month one, when there’s also teething and separation anxiety! But for every regression I just stick to doing the same thing every single time so we wouldn’t start any bad habits. Consistent routines and keeping it strictly business in the middle of the night are great ideas and really help! Hope you continue to have a great sleeper, and good luck with those naps!


      1. It can be brutal, but it depends on the baby, too. My son regressed for 2 weeks as soon as he turned 9 months. With my daughter it was her entire 8th month. I hope it won’t be too bad for you!


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