Tell Me More: Q&A, February 2018

1. How did you come up with your son’s first and middle name?

Truth be told: Leo got his first name from Leonardo, the ninja turtle. After bouncing around so many different names between my husband and I and not being able to agree on one, we were laying in bed one night joking around about what we would name our child if he was a boy (pre-gender reveal). My husband started to throw out random names of ninja turtles: “Michaelangelo.” [laughs] “Nah.” “Donatello.” [laughs harder] “No.” “Leonardo.” [pause] “Wait… Leo!”

We put his first name together with his middle name, Xavier. (There isn’t a backstory to how we came up with that; I’ve just always loved it as a middle name.) I think our son has a very strong, distinguished name – I absolutely love it. (Oh, and no – it is not short for Leonardo.)

2. What are you most excited about as a mother of a son?

As cliche as it may sound, I’m excited about diving into “boyish” things with Leo as he gets older: sports, bugs, rough-housing, getting dirty – all of that! We never had a preference on whether we wanted a boy or a girl – but, I’ve always heard that boys are a lot of fun. They are wild and free – which I can definitely start to see in Leo as his personality develops. Plus, there’s nothing that compares to the lifetime bond between a mother and her son.

3. How has parenthood changed your life?

I wrote an entire post on how “Motherhood Changed My Life” that will answer this question perfectly.

4. What do you think you will do differently with or in preparation for your next child?

Oh, there’s a ton of things I’ll do differently with our next baby – enough to write a whole post about. In hindsight, I wish we didn’t purchase so many items before actually getting to know our child. Example: we bought a swing before Leo was born – but, he likes to be bounced. If we would have waited to learn his preferences before buying products, we would have purchased a bouncer instead of a swing. For the second child – we’ll probably start an earlier transition from bassinet to crib and won’t start sleep habits that we don’t plan on keeping up with. I also won’t do as much research on the internet (if at all) and I’ll be more active during my next pregnancy.

5. What has changed the most between you and your husband’s relationship?

Parenthood created a new and different dynamic for our marriage. Becoming a parent is a real shake-up to even the strongest of relationships… and, anyone who says anything differently is likely lying. We have days where we both just want to relax instead of maneuvering through baths, bottles, and bedtime or when soothing Leo is a game of rock, paper, scissors… but, we operate as more of a team. Our end goal is to cultivate a happy, healthy lifestyle for our family and to do what is best for Leo’s health and well-being. So, we move as a unit to achieve that goal. We also cherish the time we get to spend alone together – because, those moments are few and far between.

6. What is your funniest or most ridiculous moment as a new mom?

Well, I was laying flat on my back in bed and placed Leo on his tummy on my chest to play. It was fun for the both of us – until he spit up his feed all over my face. Not quite funny – but, certainly ridiculous.

Have a question about my life as a first-time mom, products we use, or want to know more about a topic that you don’t see on Life With Leo? Send me a message!

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