My Favorite Hacks & Products To Make #MomLife Easier (0-6 Months)

Whether you’re a first-time mom or this isn’t your first rodeo – everybody loves a good hack, right? Hacks are those things you do or ways you use items for purposes other than what they are intended for – usually to make everyday tasks easier. Boy, do I love a good hack! Finding a hack that works is similar to falling in love: you just can’t keep it to yourself!

Here are just a few of the hacks we do and products we use to make #MomLife a bit less complicated.

1. Blend formula with a hand-mixer.

Gosh, if only I had discovered this sooner! Thanks to a fellow new mama + very close friend of mine (@themommynichols) – we were put on to the perfect and quickest way to make a bottle at home. Blending formula with a hand-mixer (with a whisk, not a whip) ensures a clump-free and bubble-free feed! Not to mention, it takes about 5-10 seconds.

2. Keep track of your keys with a carabiner clip.

I actually started this hack when I was pregnant as I lost my keys while shopping at the Dollar Tree, which was (ironically) where I purchased my clip. You can easily clip your keys to your diaper bag, belt buckle, shirt, grocery bag, cart, or carseat. This way – you’ll always have your keys on-hand and can also carry your baby and belongings without having to reach down into a bag to unlock your front door.

3. Don’t just use O-Links for carseat toys.

O-Links are great! For one, you can easily attach the toys that came with your activity mat, floor seat, or any other O-Ball or “hanging” toy. As we are a practical family – being able to switch the toys out when needed allows us to not have to purchase additional toys specifically made for the carseat. I also attach the O-Links to my diaper bag for when I am holding Leo while waiting at doctor appointments. Never underestimate the power of a good distraction!

4. Buy a diaper bag insert.

These are great if you want the versatility to be able to carry any bag (diaper bag, beach tote, backpack, etc.) and/or if you drop your child off to daycare, nursery at church, or any caregiver… because, of course, you still need a place to carry your personal essentials when you’re without your child.

5. Use a pool noodle on the door during sleep times.

This has to be one of the ultimate #MomLife hacks! Leo no longer has the startle reflex – but, when he did, any and every sort of noise would wake him – including the door closing as we slipped in the room to check on him.

To create this hack: cut 1/4 of a pool noodle, slice it in half, and stick it to the side of the door. When the door attempts to close, it will hit the pool noodle instead and allow you to exit quietly. This can also come in handy during baby-proofing to prevent your little ones from smashing their fingers in the door.

6. If you are formula-feeding, you need these.

I included these formula dispensers in my Mama Must-Haves – because, YOU MUST HAVE THEM! Before stumbling upon these, I tried several different formula dispensers and they either left some formula behind in the dispenser or were too messy and bulky to carry in my diaper bag.

Using these dispensers, I am able to: 1) carry up to 8 oz. of formula 2) easily dispense it into the bottle on-the-go 3) easily measure out formula for any babysitter. (NOTE: You do not have to be using the Tommee Tippee brand bottles to use these. The added benefit of using the same brand bottles are that the dispenser fits into the bottle to carry it all-in-one.)

7. Turn a shower caddy into a night-feeding and changing box.

Leo no longer wakes up to feed during the night (Hal-le-lu-jah!) – but, when he did – you can bet your bottom that we weren’t leaving the room to make a feed. Using a shower caddy (purchased from the Dollar Tree) – we filled it with diapers, wipes, hand sanitizer, bottles pre-filled with water, and our formula dispensers. Having everything by the bedside was a game-changer! You can also take the caddy on quick errands when you don’t necessarily need or want to bring your entire diaper bag.

Do you have any hacks to make #MomLife easier? Share with me in the comments!

One thought on “My Favorite Hacks & Products To Make #MomLife Easier (0-6 Months)

  1. This was great! I love the pool noodle idea I may use that one. I honestly haven’t tried any hacks yet for Lyla. I may look into some now.


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