Leo’s First Tastes: Our Experience & Favorite Products For Solids

It’s official – we are moving and grooving with puree! I’ve been looking forward to this moment for weeks: the moment where we introduce our cub to something other than milk. Our preference was always to wait until the “recommended” half-year mark to start solids – but, with the combination of Leo eyeing our forks as we moved food to our mouths, trying to grab food from our plates, and not finding satisfaction after chugging down an 8 oz. bottle – my motherly instincts told me our cub was ready!

Personally, I’m proud that we waited as close as we could to 6-months. I’ve taken well to being a “1 part baby-led, 1 part parent-led” parent – so, it feels great knowing that this is another case where I’m following Leo’s lead.

First Tastes

Leo’s first taste was pureed apple – also known as applesauce, ha! Sure, I’ve heard the advice to “start with a vegetable first so that baby doesn’t develop a taste for sweets” (okay, sure… what ever that means) – but, choosing to start with apple just sort of fell into my lap. See – I was “all systems go” to start with sweet potato – but, when I went to pull them from the fridge – a bunch of nice, fuzzy, white patches stared back at me. (Yikes! Not feeding our child that.)


It’s probably too soon to tell – but, making the “applesauce” wasn’t all that difficult. (Here again – I bought into the hype of baby food prep being “too hard” or “too tedious” before trying it myself.) We eat peeled apples quite regularly in our household – so, I used my apple-peeler / apple-corer-type-thingy that I had on-hand (bought from Home Goods a while back), boiled some water on the stove, put the peeled and cored apples into a colander on top of the pot of water, and forgot I put them there 20 minutes later. I threw the apples into the food processor after they cooled and blended them with 2 oz. of formula… instant happy!

Should I Feed Him Or Can He Feed Himself?

Since Leo’s at the age where anything and everything goes into his mouth, I shouldn’t have been surprised when he yanked the spoon of applesauce from my hands and attempted to feed himself. Being that this was his first time swallowing foods, of course, I fed him and will likely continue to spoon-feed him until (again) I feel he’s ready to feed himself sans choking.

Interesting enough, however, I bought a cookbook on ‘baby-led weaning‘ a few months ago in preparation for solid feeding. If you haven’t heard the term thrown around before, it’s the notion that babies can skip pureed foods or spoon-feeding and jump right into feeding themselves finger foods. They eat what you eat at the time that you eat it, which seemingly keeps them more inclusive in the family meal. While it sounds ambitious for us, we are perfectly comfortable in the puree stage right now.

Our Favorite Products

As I always mention here on Life With Leo, we like to purchase products that are the most functional and practical for our family. So, these are our favorite hits for feeding times.

High Chair: This one is a space-saver as it attaches right on to any household chair. It also has a “newborn lean” option for babies who cannot yet sit up unsupported. You can also hang bibs, towels, and toys from it and it converts into a toddler booster seat. I am loving a lot of things made by Fisher-Price!

Burpy Bibs: A burp cloth and a bib in one? Yes, please! We love multi-use items and these are incredibly soft.

Safety Spoons: I love that the tips of the spoons turn white when the puree is too hot for baby.

Storage Containers: I’m a big fan of OXO Tot products as well and these storage containers don’t disappoint. I warm the puree right in the containers (using this bottle warmer) and feed Leo right from the container – no transfer of food to any bowls.

Splat Mat: Think of this as an umbrella for your floor – enough said.

When did you start your little ones on solids? Do you make your own foods or did you participate in baby-led weaning? Share with me in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Leo’s First Tastes: Our Experience & Favorite Products For Solids

  1. I started feeding Lyla solids at 6 months so we started with making her food and blending carrots and then sweet potatoes. Although this was great we realized with us working and all of our commitments we rarely had time to purée food for Lyla so we started giving her beach nut baby food which tastes great to me and she’s able to try a plethora of foods. Now at 9.5 months we’ve started giving her table food so she eats what we eat plus her food to make sure she’s full and getting all the nutrients she needs.


  2. Neither of my kids took to solids until 8 months, but at 8 months my daughter decided she preferred table foods, so now at 10 months that’s most of what she eats. I find it’s easier and sanity preserving to go with what baby wants. Though now she wants cookies, so, yeah…


    1. LOL @ wanting cookies now! 😂 This stage seems pretty fun. I love watching his eyes light up trying different things. …although, I hear the picky-eater stage is quite the contrary.


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