Pros & Cons Of Being A Work-At-Home Mom

When I was pregnant with Leo, my husband and I kept tossing around the idea of me putting my career on hold to focus on staying at home full-time for the next few years until our cub (and, future additional cubs) are all in grade school.

It wasn’t until I finished 3.5 months of maternity leave that I realized: I love to work.

Working keeps me sharp, organized, focused, and connected. For the privacy of our family, I won’t disclose details about my profession or employer here – but, fortunately, I am blessed with the opportunity to work-at-home full-time.

Now, it’s certainly no easy feat – and, if you’re a fellow WAHM, you’re probably no stranger to the dialogue of: “How do you do it with a baby at home?”

To be frank – I don’t think about how I’m doing it, I just do it…

…and, it works for my lifestyle and what I’m trying to accomplish in this season of our lives and my career.

Below are the pros and cons I have found to working at home with a little one.


1. I get to spend all day with our cub.

Isn’t it obvious that this is the best part? I love the fact that I get to be part of Leo’s entire day from morning feed to bedtime routine. I can be hands-on with playtime if my workload allows me to or I can take him on daytime adventures when I’m not swamped.

2. We save money on childcare.

Depending on the age of your child, frequency of care, and type of daycare you choose – costs can add up to match your monthly mortgage payment. If we’re able to, we’d rather not shelve out those bucks and allocate them elsewhere in our budget.

3. I have control over our schedule.

I enjoy being able to have control over feeds, naps, screen time, activities, and places we go during the day. I don’t have to rush our morning routines to ensure I’m on time for work and bedtime is a lot easier when it’s a guarantee that I’ll be home by 5:00.


1. Guilt exists over having to work.

You didn’t think I would go a post without mentioning the g-word, did you? I’m not sure when our society got the notion that “working from home” means that you don’t do anything. Perhaps in the land of laziness, yes – but, in my field, I very much so have a presence and a role where I’m required to work. That being said, on those days where my workload is unforgiving – so is my #MomGuilt.

2. There is a lack of socialization.

I’m about to crack another work-at-home myth. Working from home doesn’t mean I can grab groceries, coffee, or go shopping for hours at a time: I do need to be at home. Luckily, I am disciplined enough to where my productivity doesn’t fail if I leave the house for a couple of hours for a playdate or an errand so that both Leo and I can be around other folks.

3. The work never stops.

I get the majority of my work done before Leo wakes up for the day, during naps, during feeds, or after bedtime. Because my schedule is so flexible, it seems that my work is never complete. Once I log-off or my husband comes home from work, my ’employee’ hat comes off, but my ‘wife’ hat and my ‘mom’ hat share space on my head – so, breaks are few and far between on most days.

Nevertheless, working keeps me on my toes and I enjoy the fulfillment I get everyday from contributing to my household and staying connected in the industry I studied so much about. I know that the majority of mothers aren’t able to do both and this isn’t a post meant to discourage any working or non-working mothers.

Like I always say – I have nothing but respect for anyone who simply does what they can to take care of their family.

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