Items You Can Probably Ditch From Your Baby Registry

If you haven’t noticed around here, my husband and I are practical people i.e. we only like to purchase and keep things that we actually use. Sure, we may slip up and own some “gimmicky” items here and there before asking ourselves later down the line: “why the hell did we buy this?” Exhibit A: a water flosser.

…but, when it comes to our cub, it’s essential that we stay in the lines of what we are used to and only purchase items that have purpose and function.

It’s so easy to get swept away in the marketing ads for baby products as a millennial parent. We gravitate towards everything when we’re pregnant and happily scan the shelves only to throw it away or donate it when it starts to create clutter.

So, to save you the future headache, here are some of the items you can probably ditch from your baby registry.

1. Changing Table

Our crib came with one attached – but, you know what that space is used for now? Leo’s sound machine, diapers, wipes, and any other essentials we may need to quickly reach for.

There are three reasons why a changing table may not make the cut: 1) babies grow so quickly, (In the case of our little linebacker, Leo became too long for it after 3 months and started to hit his ankles on the edge during diaper changes.) 2) once they start to roll, the only way you are comfortably changing your babe is on the floor, 3) refer to #2; it’s rare that the changing table will be the spot for every change.

2. Diaper Genie

Sure, these things may keep the dirty diaper smell at bay… until you open it and have to change out the bags it must use. (Yeah, don’t count on using regular trash bags for this thing.) Seriously – just use a trash can.

3. Burp Cloths

In our experience, burp cloths are great for temporary use… but, you’ll find yourself grabbing whatever is in arms reach when baby has an unprecedented projectile spit-up session. If you must get these, may I suggest burpy bibs instead: a burp cloth and a bib in one.

4. Teething Bibs

You know, the ones used to catch drool. I thought these were cute until they ended up in Leo’s mouth, covering his face, or backwards.

5. Bottle Sterilizer

You will not sterilize your bottles after the first use. Boiling water will suffice – save your coins.

6. Wipe Warmer

My mother swore we needed one of these. When you have to wipe a butt covered in poop, you’ll be more concerned with whether you have a wipe available vs. if it is warm.

7. Bottles

Try before you buy! You may be excitedly scanning an entire line of bottles or nipples that your baby may not even like. It’s best to buy one or two at first to get a feel for your baby’s preferences.

8. Receiving Blankets

I still don’t know what these are for.

If you’re on the hunt for practical items and are unsure of what to include on your radar – have a look at my Mama Must-Have list.

Do you agree with this list? Did any of these items work for you long-term? Is there anything else you would add? Share with me in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Items You Can Probably Ditch From Your Baby Registry

  1. Being a practical mom, too, I totally agree with this list! The only one we have is the receiving blankets and only because they were gifts. No clue what they’re for. I would even go as far to say a few blankets are more than enough. Both my kids have piles of them that they never, ever use.


      1. My son is almost 4 and has discovered he can make them into a mountain he can sit on, otherwise I’m all ears for any ideas you come up with!


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