Oversharing On Social Media: Where Do We Draw The Line?

When I first became a mom, I wanted to share every single waking (and, sleeping) moment of Leo’s life. I mean – how could I not share that handsome, squishy face? I wanted friends, family, and followers to see me basking in the ambience of new parenthood despite the heavy bags that lingered under my eyes. However, as our cub gets older, I find myself pulling back a bit on what and how often I post when it comes to his development – mainly thinking of his ‘future’ self and perception.

There’s no doubt our generation is the “connected” one. We are constantly on our mobile devices – snapping pictures of our meals, recording DIY tutorial videos, reaching out to strangers for advice via Insta Polls – the list continues – and, with the number of users logging on to social networks by the minute these days, there’s certainly no shortage of pictures for us to scroll through.

The question is: what boundaries do we set when it comes to sharing bits and pieces of our lives – including our children?

The answer is: to each their own.

I did an Instagram poll where I asked for a general opinion from my followers about whether or not oversharing on social media is now the new normal way of life or if we should lean towards being more private when it comes to posting.

Oddly enough – I basically received a 50-50 reply.

Oddly enough, again, I actually agree.

Oversharing on social media is the new normal – but, I do think people need to be a bit more reserved with some of the information we share.

I think there are a few reasons why people share so much about their personal lives on the Internet: 1) they genuinely want to share good news with others for congratulations, 2) they genuinely want to share bad news with others in search of support, 3) they need subtle validation from others for the choices they make, 4) they want to brag.

I think it also depends on the platform you’ve chosen for your page and your motive for posting.

Example 1: I went to college with a now lawyer and fellow blogger who teaches people how to live a frugal lifestyle without sacrificing fun. She’s living life on a budget and recently purchased her first home. In my opinion, there’s purpose behind her posts.

Example 2: On the flip side, I used to follow a person who once boasted about financing a major appliance with good credit… and, I remember thinking – “Good for you. What is the point in telling us?”

I do consider myself a blogger – but, I don’t have the followers or post count to match… by choice. For one, I don’t have a Facebook. My Instagram has always been private, which gave me the ability to screen who follows me. I switched over to a public profile when I started to blog – but, with the increase in auto-follows and auto-commenting, I’m back to a private page again. The reason? Well, I no longer want strangers knowing my crap and my intention for blogging isn’t to make a buck or grow a following.

Because I only allow a select few to follow me, I feel more comfortable with things I share since I pretty much have had to at least have a conversation with you at some point in order for you to peep my posts – including those of Leo.

So, where do we draw the line? Is there a line?

Well, as long as you’re not the mom who posts a picture of her naked son peeing while standing for the first time – I think you’re probably doing okay.

5 thoughts on “Oversharing On Social Media: Where Do We Draw The Line?

  1. It’s such a grey area. I decided long before our baby was born that I was going to have a blanket rule that I didn’t want people putting photos of him online. I don’t mind the odd one going up but the main thing is I wanted us as his parents to be in control of it. I had a bit of a moment a few years ago where I got so fed up of Facebook and all the stuff it had on me from over the years that I completely deleted my account and everything I’d ever posted. I think it partly comes from that – I hate the thought of my little boys entire life being traceable before he’s even grown up. So I will post some photos myself, but they are mostly back/side view shots and I try not to put them up too often. But like you say the urge to share their utter cuteness with the rest of the world becomes so strong! I’ve had to stop myself occasionally by remembering what I decided a long time ago.

    This all probably sounds very strange given that I write a blog which is essentially about my experiences parenting him. But that’s why I’ve remained anonymous with the blog. Friends and family know it’s me writing and I’m happy with that, but I wouldn’t want some stranger to be able to google mine or my son’s name and come across everything I’ve ever written. My rationale pretty much makes sense in my own head but I’m sure it must sound sketchy to anyone else 😂

    I suppose I’m a hypocrite really because I love looking at pics that a lot of my friends share of their kids online and I don’t think of those friends as being bad or wrong in what they put up. I kind of confuse even myself! Lol.

    Great topic and great post!


    1. It’s so hard not to post every little thing! I always think about my motive for posting first! Thanks for reading! ❤️


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