Dear, Brand New Mom Me:

You have been blessed with a great gift – the gift of mothering a child. You are now responsible for another life other than your own. I know you’re afraid of making a mistake or doing the wrong things – don’t be. You will make mistakes and you won’t always do what is right – but, you’ll do what’s best… and, you’ll know what’s best. So, don’t question your instincts.

You don’t have to do this alone – you’ll have help.

Your body is no longer the same – but, your child will remind you that your sacrifice was worth it.

You’ll lose your hair – but, it will grow back.

You’ll lose friends – but, you’ll re-connect with old ones and gain new ones that will continue to enrich your life as a wife and mother.

You’re older, wiser, and have fears that can’t be explained – but, you’ll become more confident with yourself and you’ll have a new love that reaches the depths of your soul.

When people tell you you’re doing a great job, believe them. Believe also in your child’s ability to grow and develop at his own pace.

When you start to compare yourself to another mom, take a step back to assess why. Then, tell yourself that she, like you, is doing the best she can for her family and may also be having the same thoughts.

Lastly, as cliche as this sounds: enjoy every moment with your child. Soak up the snuggles and giggles. Try to find humor or a bright side in the challenging moments – and, realize you’re not alone.

Everyone else is just as clueless as you are.

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