Saving Money As A Family Of Three: Updated

In case you missed my first post on how I save money as a frugal mama – click here.

If you personally know me or you’ve been following along since the beginning, you’re no stranger to the ever-growing philosophy of our household: buy things you need or use, invest the rest. I won’t say that my husband and I are minimalists – but, we try our best not to waste money on junk or gimmicks. Why watch the fruits of our labor go to the weekly trash pick-up? I’ve also deemed myself The Clutter Police in our home and I have no qualms with throwing shit out. Less stuff, less dust, less to clean – more time for myself and family.

Anti-hoarding talk aside – there are a few things I have implemented for our family that require little to no effort at all to help us cut costs here and there while simultaneously earning money. So, let me get to the point and share those:

  • Take advantage of websites and applications that offer cash back.

This one is easy-peasy if already shop online. My favorite sites to use for cash back are Ebates and Ibotta. With Ebates, you can gain cash back by shopping on your desktop browser at various retail stores. Some days, you can even earn double cash back. I love to use Ibotta for groceries. You simply upload your receipt through the application and you instantly earn cash if you purchased any item that is being featured. Items that tend to offer the most money are household and baby products i.e. toilet paper, cleaning supplies, formula, diapers, and pull-ups. So, you basically get paid to buy things you buy anyway – why not? (Oh, and both websites offer cash back on selected purchases from Amazon – score!)

  • Download applications that grant discounts and reward points.

Hello, Target Cartwheel. On any Target run, I always make sure I have enough battery on my phone to be able to scan the Cartwheel barcode once I check-out. By using Cartwheel, I save either a percentage or a flat-rate amount on baby products, home decor, and clothes. Some discounted items are only valid if you use Cartwheel to apply the discount. I also use Pampers Rewards to collect points just for buying diapers and wipes. These points add up and I have plans to redeem them at the end of the year for a Christmas present for Leo.

  • Plan your meals and shop your groceries based on weekly ad deals in stores.

This tip is something that I only recently started doing: checking weekly ads and planning our meals based on the foods that are on sale for the week. My go-to deals are produce sales and the infamous BOGO at Publix if you live in the Southeast region.

  • Learn to do-it-yourself.

No shade – but, this tip isn’t for the lazy. I understand how easy and instantly gratifying it is to buy something that is already made or hire someone to do handy work. I, however, have to admit that once I started to create my own skincare and body products – I haven’t gone down the Beauty & Hygiene aisle since. My skin increased in sensitivity after Leo was born and I got tired of constantly trying different products that would just end up contributing to our garbage can. I sell some of my creations in my personal Etsy shop, The Oil Exchange.

What are some of the ways you save money in your household?

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