The Real Deal: How My Body Changed After Baby

Okay, okay. I know I wrote a post slightly similar to this one: 5 Things Nobody Told Me About Postpartum – but, that was written back when I was 8-weeks postpartum i.e. still brand new to the mom game and only having experienced those shallow post-baby changes. My body really hadn’t even begun to settle into its new mold then.

Well, fast forward to nearly 10-months postpartum here – way past the amount of time it took for Leo to fully grow inside my belly – and, I’ve now got some tea to share. These are, however, things my ‘mom friends’ probably couldn’t even have prepared me for. Everyone goes through different sorts of changes based on genetics, birth experience, and body type – but, read further to see what I’ve been blessed with on my journey into motherhood.

  • Problem: Sagging ta-tas. Now, I’ve been done nursing since Leo was 1-month old. You can read about my breastfeeding story here, which was the premise for creating this little corner of the Internet. It was clear that once my milk dried up and I was officially running empty, those once heavily-inflated milk jugs became deflated party balloons.
  • Resolution: Invest in supportive sports bras, the expensive ones at Victoria Secret. Do chest exercises to firm up the skin and tone the chest muscles. Or, have another baby so those boobies will re-fill with more milk and return to pleasantly plump. Kidding, kind of.


  • Problem: Diastasis recti. I know – it sounds like some crazy medical phenomenon or disease. In case you want to skip the Google search, it’s summarized as the abdominal muscle separation that just naturally happens after you’ve had a baby. When I mentioned that I thought I had a case of this after seeing my bulging tummy in a group photo, my sister said: “Welcome!” I guess this is another thing to add to the book of Bodily Postpartum Changes That Veteran Moms Forget To Mention. 
  • Resolution: Patience and slight ab work at the gym – but, don’t go crazy on the crunches. Over time, the abdominal muscles will fuse (for lack of a better word) back together. However, keep in mind that they will separate further with each future pregnancy and the return to “normal” will take longer – so I’ve been told.


  • Problem: Hair loss. I dedicated an entire post to my battle with postpartum hair loss that you can read over here.
  • Resolution: Time, wine, and bitching about it to other moms who went through it.


  • Problem: Stretch marks, scars, and a wrinkly tummy. Well, because I just grew a human inside of my belly and all of the above comes with the territory. No amount of belly butter, balm, or oil will prevent you from getting stretch marks. Your skin has to stretch in order to accommodate your new tenant(s) while pregnant. I learned that this is also highly based on genetics. So, unless your mama didn’t get the tiger stripes and/or your skin is extremely elastic – take one for the team here.
  • Resolution: Be proud of those mama marks! Don’t try to cover them up or have them removed. They’re a work of art and a part of you that represents an entrance into motherhood. I don’t know about you – but, for that reason alone, I’ll rock my stretchies with a smile.


How else did your body change after pregnancy? Share with me in the comments!

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