Am I A “Crunchy” Mama?

First of all – I’ll have you know this post is being written as I recover from flu-like symptoms after a 4-day vacation away from my husband and cub. Parenting while under-the-weather is a sick joke, no pun intended. In fact, I could probably write an entire post about how I am managing to get through it – but, I’ll digress.

In our America, there is a constant divide that doesn’t seem to be letting up anytime soon. You’ve got Black vs. White, Republican vs. Democrat, Christian vs. Non-Christian – and, well, there’s no doubt that the divide lives on in The Land Of Motherhood. There’s the heavily-opinionated breast-fed vs. formula-fed debate, the revolution against sleep training, and attachment parenting vs. what-the-hell-else-is-there?

Allow me to introduce a term I only recently learned about: a “crunchy” mom. If the term is also making you look puzzled – it basically means a mom who is in pursuit of an all-natural lifestyle: organic food, home birthing, nursing, baby wearing, cloth diapering, co-sleeping, gentle discipline, etc. It is also a mom who questions modern medicine. Oh, and there is apparently a term for a mom who either lives the opposite of this lifestyle or lives a mixture of both.

Leave it to me to be honest, right? This is foolish. Second of all, who came up with this definition? The problem I have with labeling people (other than the fact that we just can’t seem to stop doing it) is that it forces us to live our lives in a box. If you enjoy certain “crunchy” aspects of motherhood and parenting – you’re suddenly looked at as having “crunchy” tendencies. Or, if you’re just not into any of the above, let’s put you in a different box. In either case, there is a negative connotation to both lifestyles. So, again – the divide continues to thrive.

Why can’t we all just live our lives according to what we enjoy and stop trying to classify or categorize how we are doing it?

So, am I a “crunchy” mama? Well, I can’t help what another person thinks about me nor do I care.

While I believe in vaccinations and using disposable diapers, I also believe in eating organic foods where I can and I am anti-bleach.

While I choose to have my babies at a hospital instead of in my living room, I also use essential oils for pain and I’m a big fan of baby wearing.

I don’t mind screen time – but, I’m hesitant about daycare.

I do what I feel is best for my family – whether that means organic mangoes or fruit snacks.

I’m not a “crunchy” mom nor am I a “silky” one…

…and, I really wish we would all stop living in a box.

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