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I got a bit of a rocky start at motherhood – as I’m sure all first-time moms do. I mean, seriously – the sleep-deprived struggle, postpartum recovery, and breastfeeding stint was a real challenge. Not to mention – I put so much pressure on myself to be the ultimate wife and mother during those early days that it eventually had me in a paranoid, anxious, guilty state-of-mind that I never want to return to.

Becoming a parent forced me to realize that I need to be my best self (physically + mentally) to take care of my family. I want to be healthy – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially… and, I want the same for my household.

I am sure you’ve read about, heard about – or, even dabbled in the use of essential oils for physical and emotional health… and, you’re probably skeptical.

“Are they worth the money? Do they even work?” YES!

Now – I’m no advocate for the fake-cosmetic-fragrance-stuff they sell at Target in the beauty aisle or the BOGO “oils” at Walgreens with the shelves of vitamins. (Trust me: I tried those – they aren’t potent… they aren’t pure… they aren’t REAL – and, they actually made my nose itch.) 

Since I started diffusing 100% pure therapeutic-grade oils – I’m more present with my family, less frustrated + more uplifted – and, I get quality sleep (when I do happen to catch some Zs). My husband has even noted that I seem less (if at all) of the anxious parent that I started out as during those early days.

So – I am no salesperson… and, I wouldn’t want my blog to turn into a running sales pitch. I am, however, an advocate for strong, healthy, happy parents (specifically, da mamas) – and, I just want to share how I’m changing my life in the hopes that you would like to change yours as well.

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Do you use essential oils? What are some of your favorites?